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Favorite toys!

Surely we all enjoy the view of cats playing and having a blast! Over the years and with A LOT of trial and error, we have found some that are liked most then the others and are happy to share our findings!

Smarty cat is a great brand that we love very much! They have several items that we highly recommend:

  1. Electronic motion toy. Our adults go nuts over it and compete with the kittens on who gets it first! Get in on Amazon:

  2. Simple, yet very well made and attractive to cats due to cat nip. They last for a long time and if not lost under furniture, are always in demand! Double pack on Amazon:

  3. This amazing green ball is such a hit, always! Get it on Amazon:

  4. This one serves as both a toy, a scratcher, and a lounge bed. Be prepared for the feather peace to fall off quickly, but it works without it just fine as well. Get it on Amazon:

  5. This one is a cute little birdy that makes sounds when cats touch it. So cute! Get it on Amazon:

Another Great cat toy supplies manufacturer is Catit. They do have amazing quality and a wide range of products they offer, from cat water fountains to cat trees to simple, yet very sturdy toys! Here are some of our favorites (we will have a separate post with cat trees and water fountains): 1. Catit Senses Circuits- this will keep you kitty entertained while you are away or busy. Get it on Amazon:

Or an even bigger one on Amazon:

2. Amazon also offers a value bundle:

3.This one is also a simple, yet very very popular interactive toy. The ball is a little heavier than the regular ball towers, has a little birdy/bee, massage center and even chew on middle peace for cleaner teeth: Enjoy!

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