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We try to address the most commonly asked questions in this section, however we always welcome any and all of the other inquiries or concerns you may come up with!

How much do your kittens cost?

Great and very important question! Price is determined at around 3-5 weeks of age and varies per kitten, ranging from $1700-3000 for pets. 

How do I reserve a kitten?

When you see a kitten you like, please message us to inquire about the cost and other details. The reservations start at around 3-5 weeks of age. Potential customers need to feel out application once all terms are agreed upon. The non-refundable $500 deposit finalizes the approved application and reserves the kitten. 

When are the kittens ready to go to the new home?

We never let kittens go before they reach 12 weeks of age, are fully ready physically and emotionally, vaccinated and vet checked by the vet at least twice. So the estimated age would be 12-14 weeks, based off the vet availability and other details. 

Where are you located?

We are located in Chicago SW Suburbs.

Do you provide shipping?

Yes we do provide shipping via pet nanny at an additional cost paid directly to the carrier with deposit placed at the time the reservations are made to secure the date.

Can we visit?

As much as we love visitors, we do not allow any for our kittens for several reasons, with the main being safety of the babies. Our Cattery is also our home, not a petting zoo. We often have kittens of different ages, some vaccinated and others not. So to keep it safe for everyone involved, we can do video calls, we provide tons of photos and videos, but no in person visits.

What is included in the price?

Price includes:1. Healthy, vet checked kitten who is ready for the move; 2. All the paperwork from the vet; 3. CFA registration once the kitten is fixed; 4. Trupanion pet insurance free for 30 days with no waiting period; 5. Information on the food, habits, recommendations; 6. Test results for stool sample; 7. Test results for FeLV and FIV tests; 8. One year health warranty; 9. Lifetime support; 10. A ton of goodies in a high quality canvas bag; 11. Carrier

Why do you charge so much?

We charge reasonable amount to cover our expenses, time, sleepless nights and have just a little left to cover emergencies. Just an example if some of the expenses we have to cover:Vet expenses, shots, testing of parents and kittens, food, litter, cleaning supplies, electricity and gas for heating and cooling high part of our home, emergencies. And here are some things that you probably had no idea: breeding brings a lot of joy, but it also brings heartbreaking moments, lack of ability to go out of town or vacation, lots of sleepless nights, bottle feeding,  constant cleaning, grooming.... and a lot more. 

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